View Full Version : [all variants] Login Problems

May 5th, 2008, 02:34 AM
I'm trying to install some flavor of Ubuntu on my little brother's computer. It's pretty wimpy - 256 MB ram. Anyway, GUI-based installers fail trying to load the 'ide-cd' module, but text-based installers seem to work fine (the alternate CD's and the main fluxbuntu cd.) Once whatever flavor is installed (I've tried Xubuntu 8.04 and Fluxbuntu 7.10) and I try to login on the new installation on the hard drive, it hangs indefinitely after I enter the username, password, and hit 'enter'. If I try to run recovery mode and start X manually, it also hangs indefinitely. The GUI's just fine from the livecd, however, so I'm kind of flummoxed. Any suggestions?