View Full Version : [kubuntu] nvidia has given me a major problem

May 5th, 2008, 02:14 AM
Kubuntu Feisty
nvidia gforce

I'm very new to linux, and I was hoping to get 3d acceleration to work for several games I'd like to run. Anyway, I consulted this site (http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg19t5.htm), downloaded the nvidia-glx package, and then ran the provided command (sudo nvidia-glx-config enable). This was clearly a mistake, as after restarting, the only thing that ends up on the screen each time is a blinking underscore in the upper left-hand corner, which allows me to type. But nothing happens. I need help badly, as I have a good deal of documents I need on my hard drive. Please help.