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May 4th, 2008, 07:19 PM
Dear Tom,

The week of May 9th is almost here, and I will order our Ratel real soon.

Here's what I tried, we have an HP Media Edition machine that is about 2 and a half years old, but was only on the internet 4 months, before it was killed off.

I bought a copy of 'Gnome' Ubuntu OS, and also 'Hardy Heron OS', I put Gnome on first, and it would NOT load the security part of the disk (which we bought off the internet), I thought 'How strange that it gets to the security section and will not load it.'

Then I put on Hardy Heron OS, and immediately it found "bug in BIOS" and told me some more information that came too quick on the screen to write it down.

I already knew that there was a hidden program on the BIOS, but I thought that ONLY Windows OS would pick it up.

I need to know if one can password the BIOS and the Root on your System 76 machines.

The hacker after me works almost exclusively with keyloggers and one program which gives one Admin. control over the entire machine. This program is hidden in the BIOS, as are the keyloggers.

If it was YOU, how would you try to protect the BIOS of our new machine? Ditto for the Root?

We've bought a very powerful router and we have the 'Alpha Shield' external firewall, as I've said before.

I've been reading about how to "harden" Ubuntu OS, but if it was you, what would you do to try to protect the machine?

Your Ratel machine is my last ditch chance, we've spent probably over $5000.00 on computers and hardware and software over the last 5 years.

By the time I finish buying the Ratel, that figure will rise about a $1000.00 higher.

I've promised my wife that this is my last attempt to fight this demented man, and the last money that I'll spend.

Do you have ANY advice, especially about just HOW to protect the BIOS and the Root, and to keep Admin. rights from falling into this socio-path's hands once again?

You know alot more about computers than I do, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I know that this is a heavy post, and a lot to ask, but I'd like your feed back please.

Thanks, Orca Wave

May 5th, 2008, 04:02 PM
Yes, you can password protect the BIOS.
You can also choose your own root password when you first turn the machine on.