View Full Version : [all variants] seperate partition for data, good idea?

May 4th, 2008, 06:44 PM
I'm planning on coming back to Ubuntu. Currently I'm on a Windows Laptop and have two partitions (one is for multimedia and the other is for windows installation and programs). Is this an advisable setup on Linux? One partition just for music and movies and a seperate partition for programs and the Ubuntu install. If it is, could any one recommend how I should set up my 80 gig harddrive.

(6.69 gigs of music that is always growing, 10.5 gigs of pr0n and the 10 gigs which stays pretty constant also not paranoid about hiding it, 139 megabytes of my artwork which grows very slowly :(, and 4 gigs of movies which also stays pretty constant).

If that's not advisable then I can definitely live with everything on one partition (then I'm gonna have to figure out how to combine the partitions in gparted). The reason I had it partitioned was because I was changing OSes a lot and it was easier to just erase the data on one partition and install the OS that way.