View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems upgrading

May 4th, 2008, 05:39 PM
Tried to upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 last night using the update-manager (my Ubuntu machine is a Fujitsu Notebook.) When I looked in this morning and the power was off.

I tried to get in, managed to get the log in screen but after that the screen just went all brown with the cursor there. Waited for awhile but nothing else happened. Then I tried to do apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, dpkg --configure -a steps and they just kept giving me errors.

I finally got fed but and downloaded the .iso image and tried to install using that but that kept giving me disk errors. Then I tried downloading and installing the alternate .iso image. Everything seemed to be going fine until it started to unpack some of the packages and kept telling me that the files on the CDROM were corrupted. BTW, I tried to install the upgrade over my previous installation and after that didn't work went and reformatted my Linux partition and tried to install it again.

The problem is that I also have a windows partition and a data partition on the same harddrive as my Linux partition. I really need to access my Win and Data partitions and get the data out. The GRUB loader keeps giving me Error 15 and does not show me any messages.

Can anyone help me get into my Win partition in order to rescue all my data before I start trying to reinstall ubuntu again. What else can I do to get Ubuntu to work?