View Full Version : [ubuntu] switch monitors on the fly

May 4th, 2008, 01:52 AM
I just upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04, and got multiple monitors working under 7.10 by using an edited xorg.conf file i found on the web -- I'm presuming it uses Xinerama since it specifies "Xinerama" "on" in the ServerLayout section.

I upgraded to 8.04 because I thought it was supposed to have better multiple monitor support, and I need to be able to connect and disconnect a second monitor or projector to my laptop (Dell Inspiron E1405 with Intel 945GM graphics) on the fly.

Could you tell me whether such on-the-fly switching is possible? Right now when I open the "Screen Resolution" preferences it simply says "cloned output" and doesn't show any sort of multiple monitor setup, but i'm guessing this is because i modified my xorg.conf file in 7.10, and that setting didn't get blown away during the upgrade.