View Full Version : [ubuntu] flash and monitor extension.

May 3rd, 2008, 11:02 PM
OK so ive gone through with my second distro upgrade since swithing to ubuntu and everything works nicely, but there are a couple visual bruisers that are getting to me that i would like help in configuring.

1.) the flash plugin for ff3b5 is swfdec 0.6.0. The problem is that it wont autoplay or begin caching the file unless i click on the large grey "play" button to begin the stream. This was not a issue in ff2 on 7.10, on say Youtube, the videos would autoload and begin play when enough of the file were cached to run, in the new version the initial playback is terrible choppy, slow and requires i manually hit play to start teh process. I cant figure out how to configure the swfdec program to autoload and play and couldnt find it in ff3b5 either. If theres a terminal command to fix this i would greatly appreciate it.

2.) I have an LG1091WT external monitor and the intel onboard chipset is 82801. I have yet to be able to get a desktop extension in ubuntu onto both the 1280x768 lcd screen of the laptop and the 1440x900 monitor. I run compiz still and was wondering if there were a workaround to allow the two monitors to cohabitate. I can plug the external in and use the laptop as a desktop, using the monitor in its correct resolution only, but i still cant acheive the wanted desktop extenions across both monitors. Are the 2048x2048 resolution caps still in play here and if so how can i manually overridde them. I can send anyone my xorg.conf file if they would like to take a look but i cant get anywhere and always wind up doing more damage than good.

thats about it. Thanks to anyone for their help in advance.....