View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP 3400c Flatbed No Longer Works

May 3rd, 2008, 10:48 PM
Feisty and Gutsy (and XSANE thereunder) worked flawlessly, but since upgrading to Hardy, XSANE detects my webcam and scanner (correctly identifying both), defaulting to my webcam. When I tick the radio button for the scanner and click "OK," I get the error message

Failed to open device 'niash:libusb:006:002' Device busy.

Quickie flailing around to fix this included:

[1] Turning the scanner off then on
[2] Reinstalling XSANE
[3] Physically disconnecting the scanner and restaring Ubuntu whereupon I reconnected it (in hopes of effecting a new hardware installation)

All for naught.