View Full Version : [ubuntu] Fixing Grub

May 3rd, 2008, 10:07 PM
I have Windows Vista Xp and Ubuntu Hardy installed on my laptop I had Vista and XP working fine and booting using Vista Boot Pro now Ive always loved using Ubuntu so I installed it over my pre-existing copy of Gutsy but for some reason now the grub shows Vista and Hardy but not XP ive added it through editing the grub menu but i still does not work.

the roots I have in the Grub list show Ubuntu as hda(0,6) Vista as hda(0,0)

but when I open the Vista and XP hard drives within Ubuntu, Vista shows as hda(0,2) and XP as hda(0,2)_ notice the underscore beside the hda(0,2) why is that?

I have my xp disc here would going into command line through the xp disc and doing fixBoot and fixMBR solve the proble or what should i do?