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May 3rd, 2008, 08:40 PM
I wrote to you guys a few weeks ago about being hacked.

One of your suggestions was to use one of our hacked machines and put Ubuntu OS on it.

OK, we bought a copy of Ubuntu 7.10 OS 'Gnome', here on the net, and I tried to load it on a really nice Multi-Media HP machine that is about 2 and a half years old.

Ubuntu got hung up at the location of where we are in the U.S., but after the third time of trying it went all the way until the security stuff that it loads, and it would NOT load it, no matter what I did.

It told me in essence that I need to remember this. That was not the actual message, which I did not write down.

I thought it very strange that it would get to the security point, and refuse to load any of it.

My question would be, could there be any sort of trojan horse or spyware, that Ubuntu OS might read that was put on this machine in it's previous incarnation as a Windows XP machine.

The "unremovable bug" that was hidden in the BIOS of this machine (on a smiley face program), was so bad that I would have had to mail it back to HP to get them to "flash" the BIOS, or else I would have had to buy a whole new mother board, with a new BIOS that was NOT polluted with this program.

Could Ubuntu OS have also responded to this hidden application in the BIOS do you think?

Any suggestions as just how to get the security applications to load off this Ubuntu-Gnome disk?

I'm a newbie at Ubuntu, so if you could keep your answers not too technical, I'd really appreciate it!

In the last hour or so since I wrote the first post (above) here, I just put an internet bought copy of 'Hardy Heron' OS on our HP Media Edition machine.

It immediately found "a bug in BIOS" and gave some sort of number for it, but it was too quick to write it down.

I tried changing the time on our machine (it says that it's 3 hours earlier than it actually is) but the OS would NOT give me rights to change the time.

I guess that I answered my own question here, the "bug in BIOS" is able to be read by both Gnome and Hardy Heron OS', so the only thing to do here is to change the mother board, when for all intents and purposes, it would be cheaper to buy a new computer....one that I KNOW has not been polluted with trojan horse's, and spyware and malware.

I just thought that there was an outside chance that Ubuntu OS might NOT "see" the bug in the BIOS.

Thanks again for your help. Orca Wave

May 3rd, 2008, 10:04 PM
I just got a copy of Hardy Heron OS this afternoon.

Immediately, it found "a bug in BIOS", there was other information, but it came on the screen so fast, I could not write it down.

I loaded it, and tried changing the time (which is 3 hours too slow) and it would NOT recognize my User Password to allow me to change something so simple as the time.

So, that answers my question, will Ubuntu recognize the hidden application in this HP's BIOS. It did.

And that's about a $700.00 computer thrown out the window.

It's good for writing letters and maybe burning CD's (if this does not require a User Password).

It has Administrator control over Ubuntu Hardy Heron OS.

And I'm way pissed!

Orca Wave

The Cog
May 5th, 2008, 08:35 PM
Don't be too hasty. The message that says there is a bug in the BIOS might just be talking about some simple bug like an error in the way laptop power management is done, or something like that. Try and get the full message that Hardy generates. Once the OS has booted, the command
dmesg | less
should display all the boot-up messages.

May 5th, 2008, 10:10 PM
check with hp for bios update, have had issues myself, secondly you want to try alternate cd iso as it's more flexible