View Full Version : [ubuntu] Music wont play at all

May 3rd, 2008, 07:44 PM
I recently started having problems playing music on my laptop with ubuntu installed. Ever since I upgraded to 8.04, sometimes music wont play at all. I use amarok to play my music and when I put songs into the playlist and hit play, nothing happens. It says its playing but the little bar that moves with the progress of the song playing stays on 0:00. When I hit pause, it says it pauses, and when I try to play it again, it usually crashes. When this happened, usually restarting the program would usually fix it, but now it has started doing this all the time, making all my music unplayable. I don't think the problem is with amarok, because I also tried using rhythmbox and got the same results (hit play, nothing happens, says its playing but bar never moves). Any suggestions?