View Full Version : [ubuntu] Why does gparted scan for so long or... I'm just a cloning fool

May 3rd, 2008, 03:54 PM
Well I started out on a 20GB drive to test Ubuntu, liked it so I cloned to a 60GB drive someone gave me. Well someone bought a bigger drive and gave me a 120GB drive. Man, I love all this free stuff you get from people!

Well I was running gparted to change partitions and all that jazz. Well after it would complete a task gparted would say scanning devices for a long time. At first you think it's jacked up but eventually it finishes scanning.

Why does it take so long to scan and is there a way to speed that up?

BTW my second cloning went beautifully and I'm posting from it now. Only problem was a messed up UUID for the Swap but a simple fix in fstab. This cloning deal in Ubuntu is so EZ. I remember all the hassles with Windows and cloning a drive. Never again!


Here's the guide I've used to clone my Ubuntu drives: