View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy Heron Install; graphics issues

May 3rd, 2008, 03:16 PM

I overwrote my install of Fedora 8 with the Hardy Heron, mainly because I am tired of the pieced together nature of Fedora. So, in logging in, the resolution is waaaay messed up. The gdm text size looks to be 32 point or larger. I log in to a session of GNOME, and was able to change to 1024x768. I then installed KDE, I cannot even hardly see a whole corner of anything when I log into a session of KDE, because the application boxes appear to be so large.

I like Ubuntu overall; this video card issue seems to revolve around X. I looked at my xorg.conf, and if I wasn't at work, I would post the contents. Here is my hardware;

Integrated Intel® 3D Extreme Graphics

Yeah, probably not the best. I am no idiot when it comes to Linux, so I can get under the hood if need be. But I spend so much time on other stuff now, I need help to get this fixed. I only got four hours after playing with Ubuntu. Love apt-get versus yum, I think it resolves dependencies more reliably. Maybe that is me...

Anyway, your help is appreciated...