View Full Version : [all variants] [SOLVED] What's the Best Silent Mini-itx build?

May 3rd, 2008, 11:29 AM
My question:
What would be the best performing small (as in it fits in my rucksack)
Mini-itx build?

It's a little project of mine.

I'm simply stubborn when it comes to this and say;

No I don't want a bigger case, I want one that I can fit in my
rucksack and hop on a bicycle/train with it.
I want it to be silent too.
Plus I want to be able to put in at least a graphics card.
and of course run Ubuntu with it :).

I have build one.
It's a fanless thin client case with a VIA EPIA LN10000EG in it and I can run hardy heron on a 22" screen just fine. It's a bit slow, but not too, except for flash. I can't run more than one youtube vid.
Unfortunately it has problems with running stepmania, the only game
I really care about.
This is due (I think) to having bad sound and/or graphics support, making it too slow to run and therefor freezes randomly.

I know the VIA EPIA SN18000G is slow compared to the
Pentium M Intel 915GM, but I do not know how to make either of them fanless.

What I do know is that I can build a
SolidLogic GA-L01 Fanless Mini-ITX System with a

Is that the best case I can buy? Cube are larger, but I haven't seen them fanless and I wouldn't know how to carry them on my bicycle.
Is this case not upgradable to a VIA EPIA SN18000G or even a Pentium M Intel 915GM?

What graphics card and sound is suitable for this? and where goes the back panel for either of them?

And what about wi-fi networking? I have a USB stick for that atm.