View Full Version : [ubuntu] Areca 1210 versus 3Ware 9650SE

May 3rd, 2008, 06:04 AM

I'm trying to get RAID 5 or 10 to work in a dual-boot system (Ubuntu/Vista in that order ;) ). Generally, people seem to recommend using software RAID over the BIOS' fakeraid support. How do you get Ubuntu to recognize Vista's dynamic disks though if you want RAID for both platforms? I can't seem to get that working.

I was actually thinking of buying a hardware RAID controller after all to simplify things a bit -- once the driver is recognized in the OS, any OS should see only the RAID volume as a disk-as-usual, right? What RAID card would you recommend for usage with Ubuntu: Areca 1210 or 3WAre/AMCC 9650SE? Does Ubuntu come with drivers for both of them out-of-the-box?