View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy and Ubuntu and Thinkpad T60p General Help

May 3rd, 2008, 04:50 AM

Things I know:

- I'm using a Thinkpad T60p laptop that I had a fresh gutsy UbuntuStudio install which I updated (using the update manager) to Hardy

-My Wireless doesn't work, even though I managed to get it working (using a way I forgot how to do with Madwifi) with Gutsy

-My Wired Connection works

- Compiz Fusion has never worked in the 6 months or so I've been using Linux, is there any humanly way possible to get this working?

-I'm not the best with Linux, though step by step instructions of exactly what I should do I can do.

Question1: Why is it when I upgraded using the update manager now my wifi dosen't work anymore? I've had this happen before on my first upgrade but If there's anyway possible I'd like this to stop happening

Question2: I may not need to do a complete clean install, but I moved any files I may want to my Vista partition and if it would just make things simpler and cleaner I would do a clean install, should I clean install?

Question3: Its been really frustrating trying to just get compiz to work with this graphics card but I'm still open to suggestions on what I should do to maybe some way get 3D working.

Question4: My little red eraserhead in the middle of the laptop doesn't really move as well as in vista unless I crank up the acceleration to max, but then the touchpad becomes unusable and I like to swap between the two. How can I make the eraserhead work more smoothly like in Vista?

Question5: Does anyone know how to get the fingerprint scanner working?

If anyone has an answer to any of these questions it would be very helpful to easing my Linux headaches. Thanks for any help in these areas

PS: any good basic Linux Links that talk about the filestructure and the fundamental differences between Windows and Mac and Linux would be appreciated if only because I'm curious.

seshomaru samma
May 3rd, 2008, 11:42 AM
I can't help you with any of your problems ,sorry
However I suggest :
find out what kind of graphic card you have - otherwise no one will be able to help you with it, run the command lspci to see your hardware.
find out what wifi card you have and start a new thread titled something like "need help to get wifi working with XXXX card on Hardy"
also use the search function in the forum to see if other people got your scanner working in ubuntu
maybe this (http://www.michaelhorowitz.com/Linux.vs.Windows.html) will help you under a little bit more to see the difference between Windows and Linux