View Full Version : [ubuntu] remastersys live CD keeps prompting for logon!??!

May 2nd, 2008, 09:11 PM
I installed and made changes to an installation of 8.4 (heron). I then wanted to create a new live CD based off the changes. This was made easy and fun by REMASTERSYS (Backup option to capture all settings, etc).

The new live CD however has lost one thing that I really want disabled - it does not automatically log into the default account as it should. That is specified in the logon screen options - log on automatically without password - and works fine in the installed version I made the CD from.

I have retried this twice, verifiying settings in both Ubuntu and REMASTERSYS.

Has anyone encountered this? It's an annoyance that I would rather make go away.

THANKS and have a nice weekend!

PS - the clock is also wrong whenever I remaster - 4 hours ahead...... strange. (and it's not UTC --)