View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy fresh install first-boot video problem

May 2nd, 2008, 08:18 PM
Hardy fresh install first-boot video problem
I just installed 8.04 desktop to my PC and the SAME THING happened when I tried to install 7.10 desktop, and kubuntu 7.1
I am trying to wring a bit more useful life out of an older PC: 766mhz Celeron, 384 mb RAM, onboard nvidia tnt2, 32mb video. the monitor is capable of viewing 1280x1024, and works with every other PC I have. I had Windows 2000 installed just prior to this and had no video problems EVER! Ubuntu correctly identifies the video adapter.
I ran the installation just fine; only an ACPI issue came up. (older bios.. installed with acpi=force) When the PC reboots to start Ubuntu for the first time, the video display has 3-4 flickering versions of the background and cursor. I was able to see thru the flickering images to log in and change the display screen resolution to 1024x768. It was set initially to 1600x1200. (Why so high one has to wonder??) But I cannot change the screen refresh frequency: it is set to 85hz, and is leaving little digital dashes off the right of all high-contrast transitions. Also, it is set to Cloned monitor.
My questions are:
-How can I get the system to install at a lower video resolution, and allow me to see the display well from the first-boot?
-How can I reset the refresh frequency?