View Full Version : [ubuntu] download 'patcIh' utility without apt-get

May 2nd, 2008, 04:15 PM
Hello, I am having the hardest time getting my internet connection to work. I've searched forum after forum and I believe I've found the solution to my problem. It requires me to apply a patch to my realtek drivers. The only problem is that when i go to patch the file it says that I don't have the 'patch' utility installed. So, my question is is there a way to download the patch utility without having to use apt-get (no internet connection). In other words can I download the 'patch' utility onto a thumb drive on a different computer and than transfer it to this computer and install it that way?

As i said I can't connect to the internet using this computer because there are issues with my realtek 8111c adapter. I've found the solution but it requires me to patch a file...

Thanks, In advance...