View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu locks/hangs - kinda...

May 1st, 2008, 09:40 PM
I'm runing Ubuntu Server Hardy as guest on VMWare Server with 1GB RAM. We are testing a production website that streams videos via PHP script. It worked flawlessly on Windows/Apache, and I've got a similar but more busy site on a non-VM server running Ubuntu Server.

Anyway, once or twice a day, on this server, Apache stops all connections. So I can log in and stop Apache. But if I start it again, it cannot bind to - weird!

So then if I try to sudo su, I get the prompt for password and when I enter it the server hangs. Same if I try anything else like stopping MySQL. My only recourse is to hard-reboot.

I examine the syslogs, but I can't find anything that happens right before the crash/hang... except the Apache access logs show a few lines with timestamps that are earlier than the previous lines, sometimes as much as 10 minutes! The server time is never more than a couple minutes off, so this isn't a time-server adjustment issue. Any ideas? Thanks if you do.