View Full Version : [ubuntu] Re-installation problems

May 1st, 2008, 01:14 PM
Hi, I've a problem which has several issues to it and wonder if anyone can help?

I had Gutsy Gibbon installed on its own partition, so that I could boot into that or Win2K pro, after the BIOS screen. I closed down Ubuntu many times when I wanted to go into Windows, before it had started up properly (I dodn't like the default boot being Ubuntu and had been meaning to get round to changing it, but never did). Now, Ubuntu refuses to run. It come up with various problems which it labels "fixed" one by one, then it loses interest and gives me the Black Screen of Death (I prefer the blue Windows one :))

I downloaded the Hopping Heron .iso (from Oxford Uni mirror)and burnt it to CD. It boots up OK but when I select the 'check the CD' type of option, it says that 1 file is not right. I've downloaded it from Italy (mirror) and again have the same problem.

Anyway, trying (using that slightly corrupted version) to install it, it gets as far as showing a progress bar but then loses interest and gives me a Black Screen of Death.

I need my Win 2K for business daily so can't do a Format over the whole lot, but would like to move over to the Adjectival Heron as soon as possible (there were a few issues with Gutsy that I couldn't get around, good as it was, and maybe they are resolved), so any help as to how to get it installed would be appreciated.

Note: It seemed to boot up from disk installed within Windows, so is there any way I can use that to fix the files/system of my properly installed Ubunu partition?

Cheers, Jules the rubber roofer :)