View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cant do anything since update and tweaks

May 1st, 2008, 12:18 PM
Hi all, I updated Hardy 2 days ago, that wasnt a problem, but as I was having issues with Java (which I wasnt in Gutsy) I used the copy and past method to follow Comprehensive Multimedia & Video How-to, it threw and error about duplication which I posted and was assured were nothing to worry about.But after todays updates thru update manager and after a restart I have a bigger problem now..I followed the How to using copy and paste method into terminal window. Then ran update manager, all seemed fine untill I restarted after having shutdown. I now have no panels, I have desktop without panels, I cannot get a terminal to open with <Alt-F2> nor with right click Launcher. nothing nada zip..I am using a windows (hmm) machine to send this message..before all this I had taken the time to download Hardy ISO and burn to CD...Is there any sense in doing a clean reinstall? I have no idea what has gone wrong, but plainly something has. I was running fine on Gutsy. Should I go back to it perhaps, but how?