View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy: X61: Sound server, gdm no userlist, other issues

May 1st, 2008, 04:05 AM
Hi all,

I have tried ubuntu two and half year back on my hp laptop, but it was hard so did not use it. (for a business user at least)
six months back I bought a new thinkpad x61 and tried gutsy, did lot of work to make it work but loved it.
Now I have upgraded to Hardy and it is working fantastically

I had some issues but most of them I have corrected myself.
I would like some advice on some other issues which I am unable to solve myself.

1. There seems to be some problem in sound manager,
Lets say I am playing a move in VLC player, I pause it
then when I start a second video player lets say youtube on Firefox or kaffeine
I hear no sound at all from the second video as if it is in mute mode.
Even if i stop the first video player it is not working.

2. I see missing menu entry [ System --> Administration --> Shared folder]
I think it was there earlier before upgrade. Shared folders are still accessible by network.

3. I installed edubuntu using add-on CD, and after that I face some more issues.

a) User list in GDM (login window) is gone missing,
I tried changing themes but none seems to be working, the window for user list appears empty.

b) All the icons, window style and appearance has been changed to some edubuntu theme,
but I want to change it to default ubuntu style. How?
(The edubuntu apps will be rarely used by my nephew.)

I tried to find the answers myself but could not, I would appreciate if some one gives me some advice

thanks in advance