View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remote Desktop and Hamachi and it's Security

April 30th, 2008, 05:42 PM
I have a question about the security of a possible setup.

I know that VNC itself is not secure, but there is a general consensus that using VNC and hamachi is secure.

I'm now using Hardy and loving it, everything I have wanted to do has worked flawlessly and it's been great.

My question is: If I install hamachi on my hardy machine and plan on connecting to my hamachi IP, can I simply set up the "remote desktop" feature and assume it has the same security as if I manually sent up a VNC server? I don't want to set up a different VNC server if I don't need to.

Additionally, since hamachi is a VPN software, I assumed that for extra security I could check the "Only allow local connections" in remote desktop settings, but this doesn't seem to allow my hamachi machines to connect. Any suggestions?

One last thing, I can't seem to view my windows shares through hamachi. I can connect and everything, but I am not asked for a login name and it just displays a blank folder. Has anybody seen this?