View Full Version : FreeBSD dev model for Ubuntu

April 30th, 2008, 04:45 PM
How about following a FreeBSD-like development model for Ubuntu? Ubuntu's focus on timely six-monthly upgrades is good but it also means many bugs remain uncorrected. Looking at the number of people who are reporting problems with Hardy (me included), I was wondering if Ubuntu could learn two things from FreeBSD:

Forking releases into "-STABLE" and "-CURRENT". Only -CURRENT will be frequently upgraded, -STABLE will have only well-checked patches and updates.
Having a board-of-directors mechanism where only few people have the final say in matters of importance, followed by a larger number of people (MOTUs?) who have commit rights, followed by everyone else who can merely debate on forums and mailing lists.

FreeBSD remains remarkably stable and bug-free for end users, thanks to this model of working. Also, perhaps, a hierarchical setup speeds bug-triaging by good delegation.