View Full Version : [ubuntu] [SOLVED] What is Error 16?

April 30th, 2008, 12:47 AM
i am having an Error with 7.10 and it says Error 16: Invalid directory structure. i just installed it and updated and installed a few things to get my system going. i restarted as asked and then when i try to load the os it comes up with that error. it boots to the grub list. the other os' are fine.

P4HT 32-bit 3.2GHz Processor
/dev/hda1: Windows XP Pro SP2 - 45.58GBs of a 100GB Drive with 41GB of Movies and Files
/dev/hda2: Ubuntu 7.10 (not this one. it's soon to be 8.04)
/dev/hdb1: Ubuntu 7.10 (this one is the problem) - IDE 120GB
/dev/sda1: NTFS (no Files on this drive) - SATA 250GB
/dev/sdb1: FAT32 (no Files here either) - USB 1GB Flash Drive
/dev/sdc1: FAT32 (no Files here too) - 6GB Laptop HDD on a USB to IDE connector
/dev/sdd1: FAT32 (no Files here also) - 128MB Flash Drive

VIA Rhine-II ethernet onboard
3COM Ethernet pci card
integrated sound
MSI (NVIDIA chip) 128MB AGP 8x Videocard
17" Viewsonic A90f CRT Monitor