View Full Version : [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 Sound major issue

April 29th, 2008, 02:18 AM
I was using 7.10, I had everything working great.

Brand new 8.04 install. I try to play an mp3 file
totem says can't find the drivers, and so I click to find them.
Installed : GStreamer extra plugins, and GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin.
as suggested by the "add remove applications".

It proceeds to begin to play the file, I hear the sound for about 3 seconds, then my computer freezes. My mouse still works, but nothing else. Alt-cntl backspace does nothing. I have to hard shutdown and reboot. It reoccurs.

Am I the only one with this issue? I'm using the amd64 version of 8.04.

Help please ??:(

Ok so I just installed the flash player, and playing a video out of youtube, and sound works through the flash player! I'm thinking the drivers being suggested are 32 bit and are freezing up the computer on the 64. Any input on this? Which drivers should I install to get my media working ?