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October 16th, 2005, 09:37 PM

Today while i was sitting around doing nothing much just reading Linux Format i thought i would have a great idea and go and buy Doom 3, so off i went bought it installed it with no hassle (i love that :)) started it up and started playing at a slow rate... Then i thought hmm wounder what the online version is like so off i went to find that my graphics card had been made osolete for the first time since god knows when.

Point to my story dont try play big online game with Geforce 2 (64Mb at that) card !


And it ran lovly on my X800!! so time for a new nvidia card.

October 16th, 2005, 09:54 PM
According to what I have read, I will need a better Video Card for CivIV with it comes out (I've got it preordered :D). Of course, I *could* run it on lower settings, but . . . no . . .

Sucks when you have to upgrade your system for a game, eh? i guess its worth it though.