View Full Version : [ubuntu] weird networking and speed issues after changing location

April 28th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Guys i am new ubuntu user, although quite computer literate from the start so i learned quickly, until this happened....

ubuntu (7.10) worked fine from the beginning and i had no complaints and all was great until i moved my PC from my girlfriends house back to mine, thats when the **** hit the fan.

For some strange reason my ubuntu OS is much slower than normal. the worst part is that i don't have any network access whatsoever. I cant connect to the internet and i can't browse network shares like before. I haven't intentionally changed any settings or anything like that. Last night i resolved the networking problem by following some of the advice from the fisrst reply in this post:


my interfaces file only reads:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

so i never changed anything and just said save and rebooted my machine. it worked fine for a while. when i turned on my computer this morning i am having the same problem again and this time the above solution doesn't work.

Now the weird part. I have VMWare player installed and am running XP Pro with it. This can connect to the internet and browse network shares. this is what i am using to write this post.

Does anyone have any idea about whats going on? if you need me to post up system info or logs or something just let me know but you must tell me which terminal commands to use if necessary.

I would greatly appreciate help with this because its spoiling what is likely to be my greatest computing experience ever.

P.S. my world of warcraft has stopped working too, it freezes after i ran a repair and doesn't let me accept the terms and conditions