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April 28th, 2008, 09:23 AM
This is not intended as SPAM, I would like to ask what do you think about this project and if you are interested (sorry if this is really no the suitable in this discussion)

STO(Sunshine Team ORG.) Description
I would ask you to read entirely if you are interested. It`s a very complicated and long description of our project and it`s required by me to type it all. Please do not let here rants or things like "why don`t you pay people to do stuff" or other similar things because we are a freeware project and we do not expect any payment nor donations. The links posted are not intend as Spam, they are only links where the readers can find information.

Team name:
Sunshine Team ORG.
"The shine of old games"

Project name:
Multi projects involving old games that certainty need a re-make. Those old games are in this following list (including links to information about it plus some videos or screenshots:

Asteroids (releasing it to test or capacity and capabilities)
AIV Network$
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge

We were thinking of other games also but the list is long enough for now
Also, we are willing to release other things than games, of course related to
old gaming, and we are also willing to "host" other projects

Brief description:
I started this team for about a year ago but untill now we haven`t released anything because the lack of people working in our team for various reasons including not enough free time or maybe the intention of some people to quit or to be lazy (I do not want to accuse them in any way, after all it is a freeware project!) We have made a few alfa-s of the Asteroids game but we could not go over that stage because our coders mostly were busy or they had other reasons of inability to code. That`s why I`m going to ask each of you the requirements and the needs that we have a little bit below this.

Target aim: We are a freeware project that will release the games with no charge on Surce Forge(hopefully) and the code will be open-source, but the media of the games will be kept closed-source in packages.

Compensation: I can pay in any other way besides money (this includes help in some situations(depends on my capabilities) offering a subdomain from our site for the person`s personal site) or to add a link or image that refers to their current personal site.

Technology: We want to release our games in the way that anybody can use it, so the games will be cross-platform. The programing language is C++ and we will use the SDL engine. We also can adapt to other engines that work with 2D graphics.

Talent needed: We are looking for some people that have some free time and(not neccesary) if they need experience. We don`t have too much big requirements, we can accept people that are at the beginning of coding and want to extend their knowledge. We will assign every person to a project by their avability, free time or experience so we will have a coder or pixel artist that does not have very much time and cannot really code much on a simple project like re-making Asteroids, this also applied to other kind of staff. The staff that we are interested in is:

- Coder that can code in C++ with the SDL engine
- Pixel artist,(I can also work as a Pixel artist)
- Music composing (multi-genre, mostly metal)

Team structure: Just me and a freshly-joined coder.

Ethier e-mail or MSN (Live) Messenger (preferred) as andoru.blah *at* gmail *dot* com
You can also visit our site(see my signature)

Additional Info: If you want to know more please contact me!

April 28th, 2008, 09:29 AM
When I think of old games I'd like to see again today, I'd love to see a new DOTT, or even a new and completely facelifted Alone in the Dark. And .. of course .. You Don't Know Jack!

April 28th, 2008, 09:33 AM
I see your preferences rely on graphic adventure games :)
Well, DOTT (Day of The Tentacle - for who does not know) is still being sold, that`s why nobody can re-make it, also other Lucas Arts games are "unreachable", before a team called Lucas Fan were banned by Lucas Arts because they made a clone of Maniac Mansion, and used some graphics from the FM Towns of the game.

April 29th, 2008, 10:20 PM
I see that there isn`t much interest around those forums. Too bad then :mad: