View Full Version : [ubuntu] Virtualmin Host routing problem

April 28th, 2008, 04:12 AM
My problem is with creating new virtual hosts. Let's say i created a virtual host for mywebsite.com. I then created another virtual host for mywebsite2.com. I can access mywebsite.com just fine. However, when I go to mywebsite2.com, the address bar goes to my ip address instead. The weird thing is that even though it says it went to the ip address, it actually went to the mywebsite2 folder. In fact, if I enter my server's ip address, it automatically takes me to mywebsite2.

My questions are: How can I get mywebsite2.com to say that in the address bar (instead of changing to the server IP address)? If fixed, will this allow me to access the apache web server at my ip address (/var/www/)?

If you need clarifications, let me know.