View Full Version : [kubuntu] LiveCD: Wrong resolution on install screen

April 27th, 2008, 09:32 PM
Was trying to do a fresh install of Kubuntu 8.04 to see if i could get rid of some of my nags ever since the upgrade (Kmix not working, if amarok is playing then flash videos on firefox won't play sound at the same time, lots of global shortcuts won't work the way i want them to, a bunch of things).

Got both the KDE3 and the KDE4 LiveCds to try around, but both give me the same problem.
I boot up with the cds in the drive, the first menu appears (the one with all the choices).
I pick one of the choices, either install or try kubuntu, but when i get to the desktop, the resolution is all whacked up, the letters are HUGE (like a third of the screen huge) and i can't even see the buttons properly to to try to change the resolution.

Like i said, this happened with both CDs, and never happened with previous LiveCDs previous to 8.04

Am i doing something wrong?

April 28th, 2008, 01:49 AM
I am having a problem with shutdown. It always hangs and the only way I get it to proceed is a CTRL-ALT-Backspace and then shutdown proceeds.

I do notice that on my 8th terminal (CTRL-ALT-F8), I see the following note:

"mount.nfs: internal error"

Any assistance regarding this will be greatly appreciated.