View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installing Wireless WLAN 1500 Draft on 8.04

April 27th, 2008, 09:22 PM
Hey guys,

Before I start, I am going to ask that you forgive my ignorance on the subject.

I just recently installed Ubuntu 8.04. It was relatively easy, and I was happy to know nearly all my components worked just fine.

Unfortunately, my wireless card, on my Dell e1705, was apparently not recognized.

It is a wireless 1500 Draft 802.11N WLAN Mini-card.

Ive searched, and read everything I can, but information is scattered and very complicated for a "noob" like myself.

I keep encountering stuff regarding ndiswrapper, I am assuming that is the way to go. The instructions, provided on the site, seem pretty straight foward but I am having a hard time following them, specifically in using the terminal, and command lines.

If you guys could provide me with literally idiot proof instructions or help in any way I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance! and looking foward to this whole "windows-less" world.