View Full Version : [ubuntu] VPN client performance

April 27th, 2008, 07:47 PM

I have a desktop dualbooting XP and Ubuntu 8.04 and I'm having a problem with VPN client performance in Ubunto.

In XP, when connecting to my workplace through VPN (Windows Server 2003 acting as VPN server) and then using Remote Desktop to the server - performance is not an issue. Everything works as expected. (4Mb measured connection speed) to the server.

However, on the exact same machine, the exact same network, etc. (dualboot), when running Ubuntu I can barely make use of the remote desktop. I use the Terminal Server Client and the "normal" VPN connection provided by the network applet (I've set the VPN connection to the correct network mask). Performance really sucks, I can really see how it redraws the screen. Attempting to move a window on the remote desktop is useless.

Any given configuration points I should look into?