View Full Version : [ubuntu] Multiple issues with hardy

April 27th, 2008, 07:07 PM
Hey, this may actually be the first time I've had to post on the forums for help.
I upgraded to hardy today, and I want to downgrade, I have an acer computer I run the ix86 version of Ubuntu, I have a Apple Slim Keyboard, and firefly usb stick, and my 5.5 iPod 30gb.

None of these work.
the Apple Keyboard will either not work at all, have limited numeric ability or have everything but the numeric keypad working, but either way it will lock and stop working entirely after a new minutes.

my iPod will not mount on any port, and will only charge on the USB ports in the back.

on Gutsy I had an issue where the whole system would freeze if I put a USB drive, or my iPod, and figured I'd wait for hardy which is supposed to fix that.

these are kinda important issues, I've switched to a PS2 Keyboard and my USB Mouse is running off a back port now instead of the keyboard.

AMD 64 4000+ 1gb DDR2, gForce 8600GTS

I'm really a novice so if I need to post more info, someone is going to have to walk me through anything involving terminal.