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April 27th, 2008, 10:31 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm currently experiencing a strange problem with Kubuntu Hardy (kde 3.5.9) : my desktop icons are actually the directories from / (i.e /bin, /usr, /var, etc.) but ~/Desktop contains (obviously) completely different files!

Why is that ?

Many thanks in advance,


April 27th, 2008, 02:51 PM

April 30th, 2008, 10:31 PM
Also happening to me - only with some users ??

This was an upgrade to hardy from gutsy (originally from feisty)

Anyone any ideas ?

Xiong Chiamiov
May 2nd, 2008, 05:49 AM

I have no idea, nor do I have this problem, but it interests me greatly.

May 2nd, 2008, 08:39 AM
This is a bug in the "module" in systemsettings and kcontrol that changes the path to your desktop. There is a workaround.

First, set the path you want (About me -> Paths in systemsettings or System administration -> Paths in kcontrol) to get it properly saved in the KDE config backend. Then open up ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs in an editor and remove any occurences of [$E] (or some such).

$ kate ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs
Once you have it opened, you could define other paths if you wish, such as download paths and template paths, since they're not alterable through the normal KDE configuration apps.

Log out and back in to apply changes.

Read about what XDG is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedesktop.org