View Full Version : [ubuntu] Daul booting XP and Ubuntu with a raid set

April 27th, 2008, 09:55 AM
Hi all!

I am fairly new to Ubuntu and have just recently got my hands on a copy of the amazingly beautiful Hardy Heron 8.04 release of Ubuntu. I have tried installing the OS to a third SATA 80Gb disk in my machine and I am having no luck. The installer goes through fine and there are no visible errors pre, during or post install.

Just as a check, I have set the hard disk boot priority to use the 80Gb just to see if it would boot correctly, and after Grub loads I receive an Error 21 message stating that the disk is not present. I have Windows XP installed on a RAID 0 set using two WD 36Gb Raptors as my primary.

I have checked the forums and there are numerous posts about users using two physical disks in a dual boot scenario, however I was unable to find one where the users dual booted a machine with a RAID set and Windows XP installed prior to Ubuntu.

I am pretty confused as to why it will not boot off the 80Gb as setting the boot priority in the BIOS should super seed any other configurations? I have also booted off the LIVE CD and edited the boot flag of the 80Gb drive.

Any help on getting this setup to work would be much appreciated :D