View Full Version : [ubuntu] Successful 8.04 install but hangs on GRUB

April 27th, 2008, 05:54 AM
good evening everyone! i am fresh off the boat so to speak when it comes to ubuntu. for awhile i was running dualboot SUSE 10 with XP, but i got sick of both of them, scrubbed them, and now i'm working in hardy heron 8.04 desktop.

the cd-rom on my laptop is busted so i had to do an install from a USB stick via the pack from pendrivelinux.com (which worked wonderfully).

ok so now the problem is that when i boot up the computer, if the USB stick is not plugged in, and BIOS is not set to go to it first, i get a black screen that says "GRUB _" with a blinking cursor and hangs there.

if the USB stick is plugged in, it gives me the pen drive menu, and i say boot up from the hard drive, and it starts up just fine.

i am using a toshiba laptop satellite M35-S456. phoenix bios v1.20. 512 MB mem.

it would be nice to not have to have the pen drive to start up the machine -- then again, since the cd-rom is busted, that might be a nice security feature.

i'm sorry in advance if this is a newbie-type question but i've been on the computer poking around this forum and other sites, and i haven't seen anything else about a black screen hanging on "GRUB _"

~jasper archer