View Full Version : [ubuntu] My gutsy box wont start up

April 26th, 2008, 10:20 PM
Alright here is my problem, last night when i went to start up my computer it went through a file system check (not the regular every so often check) it was checking out the /dev/sda files
but couldnt finish the check and went to a manual fsck, i didn't know how to go about doing so, so i popped in the live install cd, and checked stuff out

there is no sda files in the dev folder, i was thinking about re-installing, but if there would be an easy way to copy and paste the sda files from the cd on the regular hard drive i think that would be easier...im not sure how to go about moving the root files from the cd to the hard drive, so if anyone could help me out with that it would be greatly appreciated

If you have any questions i will do my best to help you out, i have had ubuntu for a few months now, but i still have alot to learn