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April 26th, 2008, 08:27 PM
Each and every member of this forum matters. I am seeing people so angry they say they are going back to ms. Each one of those peeps that go back are not just 1 less person using linux, but they are also going to pass on how terrible it was using linux to other potential users. Think how many users there would be if we had kept every one who tried it.

This does upset me a little as linux is awesome. There are users out there that will try just about anything to get it working i have met a few who for e.g. had the dell who could not get the the boot loader to work and it is a huge hack to even get linux to boot. But they stick with it as i have done.

I was very excited Thurday as i was doing my upgrade. then to find just a black screen after that it is just the final straw for me. Sure i have a low res screen working now and after a few more days of getting random attemps and stabs in the dark i am sure i will get it working.

All i needed this comp for was to surf with just the right res. If i can't get that i am done.

I am not going to ms i will use fedora which has been working well as my server for many years.

I hope ubuntu works out for everyone as i think it is an awesome release. I have just had to many sleepless nights over it. I hope it does not become the os that told the world linux is not as stable as vista.

nadazip out.

April 26th, 2008, 08:56 PM
Personally I like Ubuntu too, but those few that have trouble with Linux will not cause enough trouble to slow the spread of open source.