View Full Version : Please develop a easy to install version of Xbuntu HARDY HERON for Playstation 3!

April 26th, 2008, 08:12 PM
Please develop a easy to install version of Xbuntu HARDY HERON for Playstation 3,with all components working out of the box (Sixaxis,wifi,a launcher to reboot into PS3's Operating Sytem, media player using SPE,spumedialib,Bluetooth Keyboards and mouses).

Thank you very much.

If someone finds it in their heart to do this, it would be the definative PS3 linux version to get.

There's 20 million+ PS3 owners.

Making the definitive best version of linux for the PS3 would benefit tons of people.

------------What does the linux community have to gain by doing this?---------------

I estimate that there are more PlayStation 3 machines in people's home's than PPC and intel macs combined. By taking full advantage of this, Ubuntu could theoretically grow to a larger market share than mac OSX, which would put it on the proverbial radar in a very serious way.

As of now the Ubuntu PS3 port is struggling. I recommend that Canonical reassess the value of this port and really throw their might behind it. Not only that, but I think Ubuntu should use the opportunity to implement a few features that could make it the best gaming OS on earth, such as qjoypad integration and a gaming-mode wherein all processes not related to the task at hand are hibernated to swap while a game or, say, fullscreen blender, runs.

Windows is why people are running from the PC for their gaming. Let them run to linux. Let them not be disappointed. ...Let them wonder why they even bother with windows.

In addition, Sony has done something great by letting us use the PS3 to run linux's own code. Let them be envied for it.

Yes, the GPU, made by Nvidia, is currently locked down so that Ubuntu cannot use its unmatched amazing power. Once the brilliant hackers on linux's side unlock it, think of the possibilities Ubuntu will have. Just think... 2 teraflops of processing power at Ubuntu's disposal.

What can linux's devs lose by developing Ubuntu for the PS3? Maybe countless people around the world using Ubuntu on the most powerful computer out there? If Ubuntu isn't there for the PS3, everyone will turn to YellowDog (bleck!), as so many already have. There are very few people who retain hope for PS3 version of Ubuntu and are forced to use YellowDog.

I'm not just saying this is an opportunity. I'm saying this is a good opportunity, and a relatively exclusive opportunity. To miss it would be terrible. Not that we will. Those of us with PS3's are making do with what we have... but the lack of real support really will have slowed us down in taking advantage of the situation.

Furthermore, canonical is our best hope of negotiating the unlocking of the RSX. If that happens, Ubuntu will be in direct competition with the PS3's gaming OS. If canonical cares to compete, and we make something better, well, what would that say about gaming on linux? People have PS3's. Did anyone think they just might want to try tremulous, apricot, warsow, urbanterror, nexuiz, openarena, and so on and so forth on them? How else is that going to happen?

PS3 owners are humans too. And they're a lot more likely to try linux on their PS3 than their PC, I would think.

EVERY SINGLE guy I know who owns a PS3 told me that he wants to use his PS3 as a surfing/office/entertainment machine and has heard that there are ways to put another OS on it and that they want to get rid of a PC in their living room because it's too loud and too big and they need it for news and surfing and stuff like that, but would like to just have only a PS3 they already own with possibilities of a simple living-room-pc. I think that a simple installation of Ubuntu on a PS3 would give a GREAT market share for Ubuntu and even PS3-Users would LOVE it.

April 26th, 2008, 08:50 PM
I'm really sorry. I'm new to this. I didn't know where I should post this. But if someone, anyone could please give this idea some consideration, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time and for considering this idea.

April 26th, 2008, 10:44 PM
all ideas go here:


if people find your idea is worth the effort than people will vote it up.

if they think somebody else should take care of that instead of Canonical themselves then it will be voted down.

So think throughly your idea and how it would be implemented (if it's realistic) before posting at brainstorm.

Also make sure you search if the idea has already been posted (most likely it has)

for ps3 releated dev this is the site:

for an install guide:

also, once you got ubuntu installed you can also install the xubuntu metapackage and have both desktops:

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

oh and the little medal at the right lets you thank people :D

April 27th, 2008, 03:31 AM
Thank you that was helpful.

But I don't neccesary want just canonical to develop it.

It shouldn't be hard to make tweak the install a bit I am thinking for someone who knows linux.

So I figure anyone would be able to pull it off, not just canocal.

May 15th, 2008, 02:57 AM
i want ubuntu for the ps3 too.
well, at least now we are 2.

it will be a good day when i never ever need give cash to microsoft so i can buy a new laptop, but if my ps3 can run ubuntu good enough, at least i will not have to buy a laptop again.