View Full Version : [ubuntu] lirc_mceusb2 causes suspend/resume to fail

April 26th, 2008, 07:48 PM
I have installed Hardy heron on Intel Core2 Duo, 975XBX with NVIDIA 7300GS graphics and Haupagge HVR 1180 card. I use mythtv for PVR functionality. System works quite well for PVR but I cannot get resume to work if I keep the lirc_usbmce2 module loaded. Problem is that it is the module of the remote so without it my machine does not wake on usb using the remote.

To unload the lirc I put the lirc_usbmce2 in the /etc/pm/config.d/ modules file with SUSPEND_MODULES="lirc_usbmce2"

I have to move the mouse everytime to get the machine going, its not too bad but would rather that this worked through the remote. Any suggestions would help..