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April 26th, 2008, 07:45 PM
I've installed both the Hardy RC and the final release, I could boot and install the Live CD just fine, but after that the system wouldn't boot. I don't know whats wrong, the loading bar just bounces forever, and doesn't actually fill like its supposed to, and eventually it just stops. Recovery Mode doesn't give me any errors either.

Last night I installed Gutsy and tried doing an upgrade with update manager -d, and the new 2.6.24 kernel wouldn't boot, but the old 2.6.22 kernel did, although it would for some reason only display at 800x600, must have been an nvidia driver issue or something, although Vesa did the same thing.

With the Hardy Alphas, I could successfully update to them by going into /etc/apt/sources.list, and changing wherever it said Gutsy to Hardy. Should I try that? Or would I be wasting my time and run into the same problem I have been?

I've also seen you could upgrade Gutsy with the Hardy Alternate CD? Again, would I get the same problem?

And if all else fails, I could try using Debian Sid (unstable) repos (I'm a bleeding edge kinda guy :P), and my question about that is, can you use Official Debian repos in Ubuntu? Will it work?
The reason I don't use Debian is because I can't get my Nvidia Drivers to work, and I can't live without Compiz. :P

Thanks in Advance :)
AMD Opteron 170
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ECS KN1 Extreme (Nforce 4 Ultra)
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April 26th, 2008, 08:15 PM

May 7th, 2008, 09:05 PM
I am having a similar problem. All i remember doing yesterday was doing a fresh install (I had an issue with my old hardy install) running your average apps, etc. and not my ubuntu bar just keeps bouncing. I am on a laptop, and the only difference between now and then is that it is not plugged in. I am going to try plugging it in now and see what happens.