View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardy installed but unuseable

April 26th, 2008, 05:04 PM
Hi guys,

it's a long time since I've been on here but after having so many troubles with Fedora I thought I'd come home. Looks like a mistake. As soon as I came on to the forums I can't find anything other than problems (and serious ones) with Hardy.

I have just installed from the Alternate CD because I needed some extra configuration options and..... no options. It just installed exactly like the livecd but without the live bit first and with a text interface instead.

I left it to install which it did without error, until I actually got into Hardy. I couldn't use Gutsy because after several months I still couldn't get sound working or my widescreen monitor working. Now I've installed Hardy and I was real excited because it got my screen res first time round.

But now the problems:

The mouse cursor judders across the screen, the menus don't open and when they do it takes around forty seconds for them to open. They try fading in but I just get a semi transparent menu and when I click any options on any menus the system just hangs. It's almost like the screen updates are running at 1 frame per minute.

Also, no sound again.

This is integrated Intel 945 graphics and Intel HDA sound (the worlds second most common chipset). It seems like a good job that 8.04 is LTS because it's taken Ubuntu six months to correct the monitor issue and they will need another three years to solve all the problems that everybody is suffering with Hardy.

This was a dangerous release to make. Linux is just getting to the position where it can compete with Windows for the average user and the two main distros (Ubuntu & Fedora) are making lots and lots of mistakes. These should just be a case of install and use by now but the same old problems are cropping up again and again. I've been a Linux user since 1996 and I'm just wondering if the whole thing has just got a little bit too complicated for mainstream use now.

If you can help me with this problem then great, otherwise I'm going to put my time back into Gentoo so at least I know it works properly.

Cheers fellas (and ladies)