View Full Version : [ubuntu] Grub error 15 problem

April 26th, 2008, 12:43 AM
I've tried figuring out through other parts of the forum just what's going wrong, but I haven't seen anything that sounds like my specific issue so I'm going to beg for some help!

Upon upgrading to 8.4, my GRUB boot had completely changed. Instead of having four options, including the three regulars relating to Ubuntu and the Windows boot, suddenly my screen had only the option to run a memory test or boot Windows.

How do I get back into my Linux? I've tried editing the option to run the memory test to resemble the normal GRUB command lines, but then I get an error 15 telling me that the file isn't recognized. I assume it's because the kernal path I'm using isn't the actual path.

Sorry if this sounds incoherent and I'll try to explain anything else needed!