View Full Version : [other] Is openbox a lot lighter than xfwm?

April 25th, 2008, 10:58 PM
Since I don't plan on using the compositing feature of xfwm, but I still like the XFCE DE, should I just use openbox?

My main issues are:

Will openbox behave similarly to xfwm? In other words, can I drag a window into the next workspace, etc. Please site any functional differences if you know any.

Is openbox a lot of work to configure? I don't expect to do anything fancy with it. I'll probably just want to change the theme once in a while.

The BIG question: Is it significantly lighter than xfwm? I want any tweaking I do to be worth it, you know? I am working on my PIII that's in my signature; so will it make a performance difference on this machine?

Thank you!

April 26th, 2008, 01:37 AM
I've used Openbox inside XFCE. I never liked xfwm, and Openbox works very fine in XFCE. It does everything Xfwm does, plus more.

If you just want Openbox to manage windows inside a DE (like Xfce), it doesn't take long to configure it, but even if you would want to change a lot of the defaults, you can do so easily. The openbox documentation is excellent. My guide (see my signature) might help you set up openbox, obconf and the menus.

To apply openbox themes, you can use Obconf. There are a lot of great Openbox themes available on box-look.org.

I find openbox lighter and more responsive than xfwm. You might not notice a huge difference, but it will be a little lighter. Try it out and see for yourself. Openbox is, in my opinion, a much better window manager than xfwm, so for that alone it is worth giving it a try.