View Full Version : [ubuntu] Crappy screen recording support...

Bleak Outlook
April 25th, 2008, 05:48 PM
Im in need of a worthy screen capture app
ive tried Recordmydesktop,Istanbal and the xvid thing and all to no worthwhile outcome

im in need of capturing my desktop in full effect as to show my friends/work mates the possible visual gains
(honestly who aint effected by eye candy?)

ive been lookin at the option of a virtual box? running a windows install, will it run camtasia studio? to a combatant level and will it be able to capture the full compiz exp?

the title to this thread and the way im moaning might make me sound like a arsehole
this is not my intention
i just feel let down when ive spent ages spouting the quality's of coming over to Linux only to be stopped in my tracks by a simple question like
"hows it do screen capture?" (i work with video)

saying that im well impressed with Hardy,
each release of ubuntu has quoshed more and more of my hard answered questions so in theory 2 more releases and this problem will be sorted

but until then
any help or advice much needed


Bleak Outlook
April 25th, 2008, 07:34 PM
sorry ive just looked and this seems like it might be in the wrong section
admins feel free to delete this as ive reposted it in the beginners section