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April 24th, 2008, 04:24 PM
I'm at school as of right now, and I'm in need of some good help
something truthful.
So I come to you for advice
I have the later version of Ubuntu, like 7.14 I do believe, it'll be about 4:30 when I can download 8.04, but when I look at like a video, on youtube or what not
it'll come up as all mixed up like some of my Java isn't correctly loaded or something, is there anything I can do to fix that? is it in my computer, or
Ubuntu itself.
Its really bugging me, because I want to watch some sweet videos my friends send me over IM's

Also! I had another question
I own a T41p IBM Laptop, it works great, but does anyone know if they come with the DVD Burner built in, so I can just use Ubuntus CD\DVD Burner to throw an image of the newest one onto it, without problems? :)

ALSOOOOOOO with my original question!!

Can anyone help me like, give me step by step instructions with Wine, I tried last night, but failed, miserably.


April 24th, 2008, 04:39 PM
youtube uses flash player. You'll need to enable the 'non-free' repository in Adept or Synaptic to load it from there.
Are you having problems playing other types of video?

The specs for the Thinkpad are supposed to be here:
It's not loading right now, but maybe it'll be up later.

As for wine, try this: