View Full Version : [ubuntu] MythTV, ATI and Sound

April 24th, 2008, 12:43 AM
OK, so hopefully this is the forum that covers all of these. I have a new Dell XPS desktop with an ATI Radeon 3650, ATI TV Pro Theatre (650 I believe) and the ExtremeXF sound system. I have the primary display on the Radeon working and starting moving to the MythTV portion of my problems... I see the cx8800 driver as being loaded but I'm not sure if that is loaded for the Radeon as well. If so, then I think it only loaded once and is not detecting the Theatre card. I'm still fairly new to Ubuntu so forgive me in advance if some of these are trivial questions. I'm guessing I need the following:

1. Determine if BOTH ATI cards are being detected
2. Determine which drivers are being loaded for each (I know the restricted ATI driver is working for the Radeon)
3. Determine which driver is being loaded for sound. I think it is loaded but sound is not working.
4. If I can get the above 3 done, I think I'm golden with MythTV.

Any help anyone can provide would be super duper extraordinary fabulous!!!!

Oh and BTW ~ I have an RC of 8.04