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April 23rd, 2008, 08:43 PM
I've been running Mythtv with Hauppauge Nova-T USB2 (DVB-T turner) in the server for some time. Now I have moved the turner to the HTPC in the living room and would like to use the remote that comes with the turner, but I am getting some trouble configuring it with LIRC.

I've followed the directions given in the following post:
and everything works except that when I press a button once the IR-receiver interprets it as two consecutive entries... thus, in mythtv menu I cannot select all entries (jumps two possitions).

As an example When I check with irw if I press Down, Up and Right, I get the output:

jose@X2BE:~$ irw
000000000001006c 00 down hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
000000000001006c 00 down hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
0000000000010067 00 up hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
0000000000010067 00 up hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
000000000001006a 00 right hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
000000000001006a 00 right hauppauge_nova-t-usb2

I remember reading someone having a the same problem some time ago, but I have found no answer searching the forums or googling. I have also tried to change repeat and delay options in .lircrc but with no luck.

Does anyone know a solution or workaround I could use Or how could I proceed to troubleshoot the problem?

Thank you very much.

April 24th, 2008, 07:31 PM
I have solved the problem, it seems that the config file generated by irecord (lircd.conf) had one line wrong.

I checked the lircd.conf file generated against the one posted in mythtv.org:


and found that where I had toggle_bit_mask .. (some Hex value) in the file posted in mythtv there was "toggle_bit 0".
That was all, I changed that line and now everything works. Checking with irw I get only one entry per each key stroke.. :)

In case anyone is interested i will post my /etc/lirc/lircd.conf file for this remote with all the keys recognized. Be aware thay as suggested in the link of my first post I had changed the names of the keys, so you have to change also the file .lircrc in order to get the keys recognized. Please read that link carefully before replacing your lircd.conf file and do a backup before replacing it (sudo cp /etc/lirc/lircd.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.backupToday)

# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <lirc@bartelmus.de>
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.2(dev/input) on Tue Apr 15 21:32:47 2008
# contributed by
# brand: lirc.out1
# model no. of remote control:
# devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

name hauppauge_nova-t-usb2
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100

one 0 0
zero 0 0
pre_data_bits 16
pre_data 0x1
gap 199999
toggle_bit 0

begin codes
go 0x0162
power 0x0074
tv 0x0179
videos 0x0189
music 0x0188
pictures 0x00E2
guide 0x016D
radio 0x0181
ok 0x0160
up 0x0067
down 0x006C
left 0x0069
right 0x006A
back 0x009E
menu 0x008B
vol+ 0x0073
vol- 0x0072
ch+ 0x0192
ch- 0x0193
prev 0x016B
mute 0x0071
record 0x00A7
stop 0x0080
rew 0x00A8
ffw 0x00D0
play 0x00CF
pause 0x0077
skipback 0x0195
skipfwd 0x0197
1 0x0002
2 0x0003
3 0x0004
4 0x0005
5 0x0006
6 0x0007
7 0x0008
8 0x0009
9 0x000A
0 0x000B
star 0x0037
hash 0x0029
red 0x018E
green 0x018F
yellow 0x0190
blue 0x0191
end codes

end remote

December 12th, 2010, 06:21 AM

I have been beating my head against the wall with a NovaTD remote....

The DVB stuff works a treat, but I just cannot get the remote to work at all.

Any chance that I can grab the configs you are using? The remote that I have is labelled "DSR-0101" inside the battery compartment.

Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.


November 3rd, 2011, 10:38 PM
Isheaves,sorry for answering this mail a year later, I have had no time to fiddle with Ubuntu this last year.
For the remote part I can't remember how I got it working in the past and I have lost the config files... the funny thing is that i had some time today and thought it would be a good idea to configure the remote in the new release (11.10) I looked for info in the forums of how to get it working and didn't notice i was reading my 1yr old post until I saw yours... incredible how fragile is my memory.
Regarding the remote you can see I am of no help now. Last time I checked It was a PITA to set the remote as i liked and thought that perhaps with the new Input2 method all the keys would be associated to an event by the kernel but I have to dig a bit about it.
(I decide to use a small RF keyboard with trackball instead of a remote.. very useful for writing and surfing but too big to use it as a remote :-)